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WSEAS Comments -- What is your opinion for the WSEAS

WSEAS FEEDBACK COMMENTS 2007 (Last Updated, October 22, 2007)
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From: Prof. Leon O Chua
As for the title and abstract of my talk,
please let me know the composition , estimated numbers, and background of the participants.
P.S. The 6th WSEAS International Conference on
Arcachon, France, October 13-15, 2007
Prof. Leon Chua
IEEE and IEE Fellow
Univ. of Berkeley, USA
From: "Biswa Datta"
Dear Nikos
Congratulations for the WSEAS and warm greetings !! I am preparing my talk now and
wondering how much time I shall have for my Key-Note talk and when
it is scheduled.
Biswa Nath Datta, IEEE Fellow
Distinguished Research Professor
Northern Illinois University
Department of Mathematical Sciences
De Kalb, Illinois 60115, USA
Tel:(815) 753-6759 , Fax :(815) 753-1112
E-mail :
From: Prof. Ashfaque Ahmed Chowdhury
I am planning to attend the conference of WSEAS
in Rhodes in 2008 and will be happy to contribute to the society.
I am very glad to hear that WSEAS Books are recognised as ISI Books by
Thomson publisher. It is really a wonderful milestone achieved by the
Best Regards,
Ashfaque Ahmed Chowdhury
College of Engineering and the Built Environment
Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health
Central Queensland University
Rockhampton, Qld 4702
Phone: 61 7 4930 9634
Mobile: 61 4 1176 7886
Fax: 61 7 4930 9382
Email: ,
From: Prof. Constantin ROTARU
Thank you very much for your email. It was a pleasure for me to
participate at FMA'07 in Greece and I will participate again at FMA'08.
On the other hand I'm very happy that all recent WSEAS Books have been
selected as Books for Abstracting and Indexing by ISI (Thomson), because
very many specialists want to have their papers indexed by ISI.
I would like to thank you and to assure
that it is a great honour for me.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Constantin ROTARU,
Military Technical Academy,
Bucharest, Romania,
Tel: +40 21 335 46 60 mobil: +40 745 97 44 88
Fax: +40 21 335 57 63
From: "Prof. Lamberto Tronchin"
Many congratulation also
for the indexing of the WSEAS Books with ISI.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Lamberto Tronchin
From: "Professor Horia Andrei"

I am honoured of your invitation to participate again in the WSEAS
Conferences. This time in Rhodes Island of Greece, August 20-22, 2008.
Also, it is a special distinction of the WSEAS Books and Proceedings to be ISI indexed.

Best regards,
Prof. Horia Andrei
Vice-Dean of Electrical Engineering Faculty, Valahia University of Targoviste
18-20 Blv. Unirii, Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania
Phone/fax: +40245 217683
Web site:

From: "Prof. Kenzu Abdella"
It would indeed be my pleasure to join the WSEAS conferences again.
I truly enjoyed the 2007-08 conferences and
certainly be interested to have members of my research group and myself to attend the
2008 conference.
Professor Dr. Kenzu Abdella
Department of Mathematics
Application of Modelling Graduate Program
Office: Peter Gzowski College, Room 339
Phone : 705-748-1011-Ext 7327
Fax: 705-748-1155
From: "Prof. Paniagua Guillermo"
I will be delighted to help in the organization of WSEAS and review papers. Obviously
I will also contribute with at least one paper to the WSEAS conference.
Best regards,
Dr. Guillermo Paniagua
Assistant Professor
von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Turbomachinery and Propulsion Department
72 Chaussee de Waterloo, B1640 - Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium
Phone (Office): +32 (0) 2 359 96 29 Fax: +32 (0) 2 359 96 00
GSM: +32 (0)476443405
From: Prof. Cong Tam Nguyen
It will be of my pleasure to be again in the conferences HTE'08 and FMA'08.
As many of my colleagues, I was quite impressed by your efforts and
organisations for the last conferences in Vouliagmeni.
Yours sincerely,
C. Tam Nguyen, Professor of Mechnical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Universite de Moncton,
Moncton, NB
From: "Prof. Dorin Lucache - techn.Univ. of Iasi, Romania "
Also thank you all for your excellent organization of the conferences
in Arcachon. Even I could participate only one day, was enough to me
to remark the good quality of the event.
Because of my short stay in Arcachon I was not able to respond
directly to the received questions. I am interested in
distributing WSEAS brochures in my faculty and to establish a local
WSEAS chapter. This matches very well with my activity as Scientific
Secretary (coordination of scientific research, conference organizing
and so on). The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Iasi has an
academic staff of about 100 persons. Former departments of the faculty
are now separate faculties: Faculty of Electronics and
Telecommunications, Faculty of Automation and Computers. But we can
build together the local WSEAS Chapter.
Maybe in the future we will be able to organize here in Iasi some
WSEAS conferences. The location is not so exotic like Arcachon,
Tenerife or Corfu, but could be an interesting alternative. My
thoughts fly to 2010 when my faculty will celebrate its 100 years of
I sow a tendency in the last years: there are a lot of conferences and
it is so difficult to attend them all, so some of them are organized
sometimes together in so called joint conferences. It is possible that
WSEAS to do something similar in the future?
Best regards,
Assoc. Prof. Dorin Dumitru LUCACHE
Ph.D. Eng., Mat.
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
"Gh.Asachi" Technical University of Iasi
53 D.Mangeron Blvd., Iasi 700050, ROMANIA
Tel. +40-232-278680 int 1235, Fax: +40-232-237627
From: Dr. Prof. Mingyan Jiang, Director
I congratulate you for the successful ECC 2007 in Athens with endeavor of you and your colleagues
,and this conference has very high academic level, the keynote speech
reports are very good. The hot research topics, hot discussion and hot
comments made a deep impression on me, I think the ECC 2008 will be
successful, I look forward to our deep cooperation in the future year,thank
you very much.
Best Regards.
Mingyan Jiang
Dr. Prof. Director of modern communication technology of Shandong
From: Dr J.P. Curtis

I enjoyed all aspects of the Conference of WSEAS
Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics conference very much
in late August. Please convey my sincere thanks to the
entire Conference team.
Congratulations for the WSEAS

Best regards

John Curtis

Dr. J.P. Curtis
C.Math FIMA C Phys FInstP C Sci MIE
UCL Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Royal Society Industry Fellow
QinetiQ Fellow
Room 21, Building Q27
Fort Halstead
Kent TN14 7BP

From: Prof. Ph.Anninos
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation that you invited me as General Chair to the 2007 WSEAS conference in Athens and also to give a Plenary lecture in my field of research.
In my opinion the conference was the most outstanding one in terms of the participated scientists, from all over the world, giving lectures and answers about human brain and brain disorders and also about the excellent hospitallity which will be a memorable event.
I cordially thank you very much for your efforts to maintain our WSEAS conference in a very high scientific level.
Best Regards
Prof. Photios Anninos
Medical School of Thrace
It's my pleasure to attend the WSEAS Conference again
Best Regards
Wen-Pinn Fang
From: Prof. Valeri Mladenov
Dear WSEAS Members and friends,
Since 1999 I attend all WSEAS, CSCC conferences. This year (2007) I had
pleasure to attend the 11th WSEAS CSCC Conference in Agios Nikolaos Crete,
Greece. I can confirm that every year, the conference becomes better and better.
Now this major WSEAS conference, has a very good reputation and it becomes
I can say only, that everything (key lectures, plenary lectures, scientific and
social program) was perfect. I would like to encourage you and your team to
continue the efforts in this direction.
I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
Valeri Mladenov
Prof. Valeri Mladenov
Head of Department Theoretical Electrical Engineering
Technical University of Sofia
8, Kliment Ohridski St.
Sofia-1000, BULGARIA
tel./fax. +359 2 9652386

From: Prof. Vassilis Gekas

I have for the first time paricipated in a WSEAS Conference and I have been positively impressed.
Both Christine, my co-author, and me we have enjoyed very much the nice Conference in a so nice place of the Aghios Nikolaos suburbs. We met interesting people and made new friends and possibly new collaborators.
I gave both the common lecture of the Wednesday and the plenary lecture of the next mrning. Since I had much time ,
I have spoken also on another subject of our reasearch activities in my lab, namely on "Dissertification and Global Warming".
I am interested to present this paper in an uppcomong Conference. I see there is one in Tenerife of Spain in the coming December, if you are interested.
I have also been impressed of your personality and the lyra playing of "Steiakes Kondylies".

Best Regards from Chania
Vassilis Gekas
From: Prof. Ulrich Albrecht
I want to thank you again for inviting me to present a plenary lecture
at the European Computing Conference. Also, I was very glad to have
chance meeting you. If I can help WSEAS, e.g. as a reviewer or as a
contact in the southeastern United States, please let me know. I would
love to get further involved in the programs of WSEAS. Perhaps, one
year we can have a conference on Algebra and its applications in Greece.
I made some interesting contacts during the meeting, and hope that some
research opportunities will arise from this. Moreover, I met Dr.
Nicholas Harkiolakis from the Hellenic-American University, where I will
give a talk in December.
Finally, I want to express my appreciation to the organizing team of the
conference. I have organized a few conferences (at a smaller scale
though), and know the amount of work that goes into the organization.
It was one of the best organized conferences I have attended. I
especially want to praise the three young people who were in charge of
the front desk. They were extremely friendly, helpful and efficient.
Without doubt, you have the best conference team I have experienced at
any meeting.
All the best,
Professor Ulrich Albrecht
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
From: Dr. Xiaodong Zhuang or
Dear Professor N. E. Mastorakis:
How are you? I would like to report to you about
our local research group of WSEAS.
The group now has four Ph.D. as major organizers,
and it has some others as participants.
Research work is being carried out within
the local group of WSEAS, and the organization
of the group is reported to your as follows
(waiting for your instruction and approval):
(We would like to invite you as the director of this research branch,
so that group activities will be reported to you, and we also hope
the research work and papers of the group can get the coorporation of
you and WSEAS.)
Director of the research group:
Professor N. E. Mastorakis
Chief organizor and manager of group activities:
Dr. Xiaodong Zhuang
(associate professor, Qingdao University)
Assistant organizor of group activities:
Dr. ZhuoChen
(associate professor, Qingdao University of Science & Technology)
Current group members:
Dr. Xiaopeng Ji (lecturer, Ocean University of China)
Dr. Shujun Zhang (lecturer, Ocean University of China)
Dr. Haihua Chen (lecturer, Ocean University of China)
Dr. Bo Yin (lecturer, Ocean University of China)
Ms. Hui Zhu (lecturer, Qingdao University of Science & Technology)
Ms. Hanping Wang (lecturer, Qingdao University)
The applications for the local group from the four major
organizors are in the attachment of this mail.
We are looking forward to your instructions and advice.
Thanks again for the support and instructions from you!
Best regards
Yours sincerely,
Xiaodong Zhuang
From: Dr. Vassilios C. Loukopoulos, Lecturer

We would like to congratulate the WSEAS for the very good organization of the conference
«5th IASME / WSEAS Int. Conf. on FLUID MECHANICS and AERODYNAMICS (FMA'07), WSEAS Conference in Vouliagmeni Beach, Athens, Greece, August 25-27, 2007»,
We would like to inform you that all the posters of upcoming WSEAS Conferences
have been put up on the Announcement Tables of our Sector: mathematical and Theoretical Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
of the Department of Physics of University of Patras
Best Regards
Dr. Vassilios C. Loukopoulos
University of Patras
Department of Physics
25600, Rio Patras, Greece
Tel: ++30 2610 997447
Mobile: 6944 888808
From: Prof. Sarka Necasova
I would like to say that idea to invite plenary lecture is good one and it helps to
have good quality of conference. It was really very nice this conference of WSEAS in
Vouliagmeni. I enjoyed it.
Prof. Sarka Necasova
From: Prof. Psychoudaki
Dear Ms M. Ilioudi
I have received the books you have sent me. Thank you very much. Please,
give also my many thanks to all the WSEAS Staff and WSEAS Members
Sincerely yours
Sophia P. Psychoudaki
Assoc. Professor of A.U.Th.
From: Prof. Dr. Constantin Udriste
I am writing to thank you for the outstanding conference “ Systems Theory and Scientific Computation” since we, the professors from the Department of Mathematics, Politehnica University of Bucharest came back from this conference with the best impressions.
Both Plenary Lectures and the communicated papers were very interesting and they covered the most important topics of the domain.
We would also like to thank you for the excellent organization which includes the development of the conference’s work and the final banquet at which we enjoyed ourselves very much.
We shall inform our colleagues and collaborators from Romania and other countries about the work and atmosphere of the WSEAS conferences.
With best wishes for future,

Prof. Dr. Constantin Udriste
Prof. Dr. Valeriu Prepelita
Prof. Dr. Ionel Tevy
From: Ali O. Oncel
I have just come from Kyoto University to my university and checked my mail. I have received a copy of your proceedings which seems wonderful. I congratulate you and Professor Krope for such kind of wonderful conference book.

Thanks so much for sending proceedings.

Best wishes,


Ali O. Oncel, M.S & PhD
Earth Sciences Department
King-Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
P.O. Box 1946, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Phone: (03) 860-1661
Fax : (03) 860-2595
My home pages:
From: Dr. Shahram Javadi
I sent you an email just after my return from your nice conference,
but I have not any response from you. I am afraid you didn't receive
it. I attach 2 pictures of our common photos. Also I am ready to help
WSEAS for your future activities.
From: "Prof. Olga Martin"
Congratulations for the excellent conference in Vouliagmeni.
I also have some good news for me that I would like to share with you as well, as the successful collaboration with you has played an important role. The Ministry of Education informed me yesterday that I won the competition for the position of full-professor in the applied mathematics.
I would like to thank you very, very much for our collaboration, your help and your kindness while working with me.

Best wishes,
Prof. Olga Martin
From: Prof. Zoran Bojkovic
Dear Prof. Nikos Mastorakis,
Many thanks for your hospitality during the successful Conference 11th WSEAS CSCC in Crete, July 2007.
In my opinion, the quality of the paper is improved comparing the years ago.
I wish you all the best and hope that our fruitful cooperation will continue.
Wth best regards
Prof. Zoran Bojkovic

From: Prof. Dalibor Biolek
Dear Nikos,
Thank you for enabling us to be in Crete for the great CSCC 2007
(a 6 days conference)
This conference was good. In case of your interest,
I send you my observations concerning my plenary lecture and leading 2 sessions.
With best regards
Prof. Dalibor Biolek
From: Prof. Charles Long
Dear Jill and Nikos, congratulations on this grand agreement for a
conference "at Harvard." I intend to come to it no matter what it is
about. And I personally will look into that whale watching event, which
could come at the end of the conference or during it? Spouses will
appreciate something like that.
You two are in for a pleasant surprise when you meet one
Professor Charles A. Long,
Professor Emeritus
University of Wisconsin,
Stevens Point,
Wisconsin, USA
From: Prof.Akshai Aggarwal
Thanks. WSEAS Publications look very nice. High-Quality papers from all over the world.
I am happy to be the General Chairman of the WSEAS conference at Vancouver.
Regarding the WSEAS Transactions on Systems: Would you consider putting me on the
Editorial Board of the WSEAS Transactions on Systems?
Best Regards
Prof.Akshai Aggarwal
University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
From: "Prof. George Carutasu"
First of all I like to congratulate the WSEAS and you as Organizers
for the great achievement on organizing these conferences
and on achieving high quality papers.
Also, I intend to be in the summer of 2008 at AIC'08.
Please, if you need any kind of help in Romania, contact me.
I also think to propose to you, as Romanian-American University to be the WSEAS contact point in Romania.
Honoured again, George CARUTASU
Sef Catedra
Universitatea Romano-Americana
Facultatea de Informatica Manageriala
Catedra de Informatica, Statistica si Matematica
Bd.EXPOZITIEI Nr.1B, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: 0040721397676
From: "Professor Petrica Pop"
Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in
the WSEAS Events in 2008.
I am honored and of I accept it.
Sincerely yours,
Assoc. Prof. Petrica Pop
From: Prof. Demetrios Kazakos,
Congratulations for the progress of the WSEAS.
With warm greetings
Demetrios Kazakos, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean
College of Science and Technology
Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Str., Houston, Texas 77004
Tel: 713.313.7008 Fax: 713.313.1853
Admin.Assistant: 713.313.1860
From: Prof. Kleanthis Psarris
It was a great pleasure to meet with you again.
I would be more than glad to give a plenary talk in WSEAS CSCC 2007 in
Agios Nikolaos this July and I would like to thank you for your invitation.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Crete this summer.
My best wishes for a Happy New Year,

Prof. Kleanthis Psarris
Dean, Department of Computer Science
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Science Building, Room 4.01.10
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249-1644 USA
From: Prof. Vasilis Zafiris
Thank you so very much for your attention to my paper! I look forward
to meeting you and your team in Dallas, working with all of you, and
become active with WSEAS. You've done incredible work with WSEAS!!
Recently, I was fortunate to meet Demetri and had the opportunity to
share many ideas, including of course WSEAS! Next week, I will also be
communicating with Kleanthi @utsa.
Also please note that, more than a week ago, I did ask our department
secretary to go to your secure website and submit registrations for both
Katarina Jegtic [a colleage @uhd] and me. And she did register both of
us! I am energized by hard work and the opportunity to learn and grow with

Best Regards

Vasilis G. Zafiris

From: Prof. Dana Simian
Dear Professor Nikos Mastorakis,
The high level of the presentations, the good
organization and the beauty of Agios Nikolaos made
from CSCC'07 Conference from Crete, an unforgotten
event. I hope to participate to as many conferences
like this and to have a rich scientific collaboration
I send you some photos from the conference.
Best regards, Dana Simian

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dana Simian
Head of Department of Computer Science
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
5-7 dr. I. Ratiu str.
550012, Sibiu
tel: 0040 269 216642
fax: : 0040 269 216617
mob: 0040 744495407
From: Miroslav Skoric
Dear WSEAS, I got a couple of those Calls (printed) from you the other
day, and I put them to the Faculty of Technical sciences and Faculty of
Mathematics here in Novi Sad. Glad to promote WSEAS activities. I would
suggest you, when you have some more Calls for conferences in early
2008, you can also send a couple of them (printed in color) to me. By
the way, this year I am not able to participate to WSEAS events, but
hope to do so next year.
Best regards,
Miroslav Skoric
From: "Prof. Florin Hartescu"
It is a great honor and privilege for me to accept your kind
invitation to be a part of WSEAS. Main areas of research interests :
- Information security - Wireless - Wi-Fi network
- IT infrastructure - Real-time systems - Control
- Optimization - Databases - Simulation
Please, find attached a short CV.
Best regards,
Prof.Florin Hartescu
From: Prof. Slobodan Babic

It is my great pleasure to see WSEAS papers cited in the IEEE Proceedings such
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,
see for example:
"Inductance Calculations for Noncoaxial Coils Using
Bessel Functions"
Please find in the attachment the paper that
cites one of my WSEAS paper. I hope that in the future many WSEAS papers will
be cited in the prestigious world journals.
I hope to see you in Istanbul in May.

Best Regards,

Slobodan Babic

From: "F.V. Topalis"
We would like to thank you for the opportunity that you gave us during the AEE'07
in Istanbul, Turkey
The organization of the conference was excellent and we are obliged to you
We wish you the best as well as for people of WSEAS
Yours Sincerely
Assoc. Professor Fragkiskos V. Topalis
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
From: " Valentina Emilia Balas"

Many thanks for the materials that I received yesterday by regular mail.
You are very thoughtful.
It is very kind of you!
My colleagues and I want to thank you.
I hope to meet you in the near future and to discuss about different possibilities of collaboration.

With my warmest regards,


From: "Dr. Nam H Tran (UNSW)"
Dear Prof. Demiralp,
Thank you for organizing the conferences in Turkey. I can see you certainly
had a good time so did we. Thank you also for various discussions in person with
you and other WSEAS members.
These papers should be make excellent
contributions to the publications. We consider the WSEAS conferences and
journals very prestigious as they are really of high level
and we hope to come back next year (I have been
there two years in a row) as an organiser of a session.
Thank you again and we look forwards to your favourable response as soon as

Kind regards,
Dr. Nam H. Tran

The School of Petroleum Engineering
The University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052 Australia
Phone +61 (2) 9385 5194 - Fax +61 (2) 9385 5936

CRICOS Provider Number 00098G
From: "Prof. Olga Martin"
Thanks a lot for your answer and goodwill.
Give my kindest regards to ours colleagues of WSEAS.

Yours sincerely and much obliged,
Olga Martin
Mathematics Department
Politechnika Univ. of Bucharest
From: "Barna Lajos"
Dear WSEAS Organizers,
It was a pleasure to meet you again in Portoroz.
Thank you very much for your help in advance.
Dr. Barna Lajos
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Department of Building Services
Muegyetem rkp. 3.
Building T
From: Professor Ioan Salomie
I had participated in WSEAS Conference last year.
I accept with pleasure the (new) invitation which honors me.

Ioan Salomie, PhD
Professor of Computer Science

Computer Science Department
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
26-28 Baritiu street
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Phone: +40-264-401443, +40-264-401236
Fax: +40-264-594491
From: Saeed Masoudi
Dear sir/madam,

I'd be glad if I can help you as a volunteer announcing conference brochures in my company (Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers Co.) and my university (Power & Water University of Technology) in Tehran, IRAN. So please send me 10 brochures to my mailing address:
"No. E17, Mahab Complex, Tarbiat Morabbi Blvd (Hasan Abad), KARAJ, IRAN - Zip Code: 3149718399 - Saeed Masoudi"

Yours truly,
Saeed Masoudi
Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers
Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98-21-81965717
Cell Phone: +98-912-6225717
From: "Zakir Husain"
WSEAS Tukish and Greece Chapters

Thanks for inviting me to participate in the International Scientific
Committee of the excellent WSEAS Conferences ( Istanbul of May 2008).
Best regards

Dr.Zakir Husain
From: Prof. Ogun.Dogru
I would like to submit deep thanks to you
I will send you the title of my paper as soon as
possible (until March 31, 2007).
We hope that our cooperation starting in Corfu Island will continue to
With my best wishes and kind regards,
Assoc.Prof. Ogun Dogru
From: Prof. Tuan Pham
It's good to hear about the progress of wseas. I will handle the review.
From: Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas
I wish WSEAS and your academic family a very Happy and Prosperous New
Year. Best regards
Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas Prof. Dr. Rudas Imre
Rector/President rektor
Budapest Tech Budapesti Muszaki
Becsi ut 96/B 1034 Budapest
H-1034, Budapest Becsi ut 96/B
Tel.: +36 1 666 5601
Fax: +36 1 666 5620
From: Akshai Aggarwal

After the WSEAS Conferences in Univ. of Cambridge and the European
Computer Conference, the announcement that WSEAS will be organizing the
AMERICAN COMPUTING CONFERENCE in 2008 in the MIT (Massachusets Institute
of Technology) shows the increasing importance of WSEAS in the world.

CONGRATULATIONS on this great success.


Professor Akshai Aggarwal
From: Prof. Haris J. Catrakis
I will be glad to be Editor-in-Chief in the WSEAS Trans. on FLUID MECHANICS
I am interested in the future success of the WSEAS and I will be delighted to
accept your invitation to be Editor-in-Chief in the WSEAS Trans. on FLUID MECHANICS.
Our aim will be to have the best publications in Fluid Dynamics
Many Thanks
Prof. Haris J. Catrakis
From: Cedric Assambo
First of all, thanks a million for the outstanding conference you organised
in lovely country last month.
I hope you still remember and consider the proposition for hosting a WSEAS
conference in Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). Mid June - early July 2008
are available. You will find all useful information about the general
organisation below. Pauline kindly offered to team up, and I'm looking forwards to working with
her. I would also be delighted to get Pelin, Subrata, Marek, in the organisation
team if they are interested.
All the best in your research and life.
Cedric Assambo.
Biomedical Instrumentation & IC Design,
Printing House
Dublin 2, IRELAND
Tel: +353 (0)1 896 2288
Mob: +353 (0)85 708 4447
Fax: +353 (0)1 677 2442
From: Pablo Luis Lopez Espi
Thank you very much for the email.
It is an honour for me to be active WSEAS member.
Please, do not hesitate to contact
me if you need my collaboration in the conference.
Best regards. Pablo.
Pablo Luis Lopez Espi
Profesor Titular de Escuela Universitaria
Dpt. de Teoria de la Senal y Comunicaciones
Despacho Sur-244
Escuela Politecnica Superior. Universidad de Alcala
28871 Alcala de Henares (Madrid, Spain)
Tlf: 34-91-885-67-40
Fax: 34-91-885-67-41
From: Dr. Nikolai Kobasko

I will distribute the information about WSEAS
to leading scientists and large companies,
who are not yet involved in WSEAS activity.

1. We will try to organize the selection of articles concerning the very important subject of our area of expertise.
2. We will discuss with thermal and material scientists, and heat treaters the problems of creating super-strengthened materials by designing new heat treating technologies.

Our company, Intensive Technologies Ltd., consisting of experienced and young scientists, will participate in the implementation of these plans. Hoping such our activity will allow to promote our joint international project.

Best Regards,
Nikolai Kobasko
From: Prof.Jurij Krope
After a long time I would be glad to see you at the conference in Dallas,
which I will also be attending. If you are not too busy it
would be great to also see you at the conference in Portoroz,
and I would have the chance to show you around our beautiful country.

Regarding the conference in Portoroz (Energy and Environment)
I would like to know whether it would be possible for me and
my daughter to hold a short opening lecture regarding the topic
of the conference. My daughter Tina has recently completed her
Master's in European Law, Energy Market in the EU being one of
her subjects, at UCL in London. I am convinced the lecture would be of good quality.

Also I was wondering whether it would be important for you
for us to invite Slovenian Minister of Economy to the
opening of the conference in Portoroz. That is, of course,
if he accepts the invitation.

Best regards,

From: Prof. Zoran Bojkovic
Congratulations for your intention for the WSEAS J
ournals to be included in ISI list.I will do my best to support it. It is great.
Best wishes
Prof. Zoran Bojkovic
From: Prof. Young-Chul Shim
Thank you very much for your caring and all the kind arrangement.
I left Corfu Tuesday morning and arrived in Seoul Wednesday afternoon.
Anyway I would like to take this time to express my deepest appreciation for all the WSEAS people in helping me and
also making possible future arrangement. As a matter of fact my Ph.D student and I submitted a paper to one of
WSEAS conference and hope to see WSEAS people again and have a chance to express my appreciation in person.

thank you so much

Cordially yours,

Young-Chul Shim
From Prof. Elbrous M Jafarov
Dear Senior president of WSEAS Academy,
Thank you very much for your e-mail and invitation to prepare co-student
papers from Turkey for submitting for our WSEAS conferences.
I would also like to thank you for your support in our student's (Kamuran
Turkoglu) in Romania.
In according to your instructions I have forwarded your e-mail to our
professors and students for preparing the papers.
With my best regards,
Elbrous M Jafarov
From: Valentina Balas

Thank you for accepting my proposal. Now I must to see if there exist a
possibility for writing a project in FP 7.

I like to co-organize with you the 10th WSEAS conference on FUZZY SYSTEMS.
Best regards,


From: Pelin YILDIZ
Thanks a lot for the wonderful conference in Corfu.
We have had great relationships there and a high-quality conference.
Now I will be in Dallas for the WSEAS conference that I feel very happy about it.
Also your kind invitation for us is very good news.
I would be there for the conference with great pleasure.
I am very proud to be in your conferences and also your being head of
this organisation. Thank you for your support.
Hope to see you in the WSEAS Conference in Istanbul.
Yours Sincerely.
Pelin Yildiz, PhD.
From: Dr Camelia Ioana Ucenic
As I previously told you, I started to work for the papers that
will be submitted to the WSEAS Conferences.
This is to be considered also for my PostDoc research.
I want to concentrate for this research.

Best wishes from Romania.

Camelia Ioana Ucenic
From: "Nikos J. FARSARIS"
Congratulations for the perfect organization of the WSEAS Conference in Corfu, Greece.
The reviewers did a great job and helped me to improve the quality of my papers
The WSEAS Conferences are 30dB (one thousand times)
better than other conferences
Best Regards
Nikos Farsaris
From: Prof. Yiming Li
My PhD students will continuously contribute our recent work to WSEAS journals and conferences.
I am with the Department of Communication Engineering and also the Institute of Management of Technology in
the National Chiao Tung University now.
I am planning to organize some special issues for these journals in the coming months.
Proposals will be sent to you soon. Thanks for your consideration.
Sincerely Yours,
From: Petrica Pop

Thank you a lot for the nice time spent at the
conference in Corfu.
I already spoke with some colleagues of mine from Baia
Mare and they are also very willing to organize a
WSEAS conference in Applied Mathematics at the North
University of Baia Mare.
As I already told you there is a good connection from
Bucharest (with airlines and trains) as well from
Cluj-Napoca with Baia Mare.
I you are still interested please inform me about the
budget estimation and if you need some more
I will start also with some research on the
generalized vehicle routing problem with some possible
naval applications, as soon I make some progresses I
will let you know.
Please send me the problem for which you think that a
ant colony approach may work.
Best regards,


From: Stojanovic Svetlana
My very best wishes to you and your family for a Merry
Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!
Best regards,
Svetlana Stojanovic
From: A.Lazakidou
I am very happy for the recent WSEAS success!
Continue! We are in a good way!
You deserve it, because you have worked very hard
and you have devoted infinite hours to make a prestigious
professional society
Warm Greetings
Dr. Athina A. Lazakidou
Universitry of Piraeus
Karaoli & Dimitriou Str. 80
GR-18534, Piraeus
Tel: +30-210-414 24 24
Fax: +30-210-414 27 53
From: Dr. Arie Maharshak

I kinly extend my support to WSEAS.
We must keep doing the best scientific job that we can.
Best regards,
Dr. Arie Maharshak
From: George Rzevski <>
I shall be delighted to accept your invitation for the WSEAS
Conference at the University of Cambridge
George Rzevski
From: claudia timofte
Cc: ;
Subject: WSEAS Press
To WSEAS Press
Good morning,
I am Dr. Claudia Timofte, associate professor at the Department of
Mathematics, Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania.
I took
part last year at two WSEAS conferences and I was really impressed about
their wonderful organization and their scientific level.
I would like to publish, if accepted, a monograph in your WSEAS Press. The
title of the book could be
Thank you very much for everything.
I am looking forward for your answer.
With my best wishes,
Sincerely yours,
Claudia Timofte
From: Madalin Vlad
Dear Professor,
Let me wish for the WSEAS, a Happy New Year 2007 with health, joy and happiness.
All the best,
From Prof. Anping Xu
I am delighted to receive your invitation. Please feel free to let me if you have something I can help with.
Many thanks!
Best regards,
Anping Xu
Dr. Anping Xu
Professor of School of Mechanical Engineering
Vice-Curator of Library
Hebei University of Technology
Tianjin 300130, P. R. China
Tel: 86-22-26564110 (Lab) 86-22-60202901(daytime)
Fax: 86-22-26564741
Cell: 13312098125
From: Janusz Kacprzyk
Thanks a lot for your kind email and invitation. I am sorry for a
later response but I was in Spain to receive the 6th Kaufmann Proze
and Gold Medeal.
Let me think about you proposal because I fully agree with you
ambitious goal to have your WSEAS journals be indexed by ISI.
I will contact you son.
Warm wishes and regards
From: Pelin YILDIZ
The WSEAS is the most qualified organisation commitee.
I just wanted to share these feelings.
These could only strengthen our combination.
Yours Sincerely.
Pelin Yildiz, PhD.
Hacettepe University
From: Sebastiano Impedovo
Thankyou for your letter, at the moment all member of the group is involved
in defining some proposal for the 7FP. For us is necessary to obtain founds
in order to partecipate to all the conference meetings.
I greately wiull appreciate if you can suggest some interesting partner
working in pattern recognition, e-learning, tridimensional virtual visits,
remote control via web .
Yours Sincerely
Prof.Sebastiano Impedovo
From: Abdel Karim Baareh
congratulation for the recent WSEAS Successes
Really the WSEAS is one of the most famous Journal on
the world and thier activities and conferences are very
interested and famous.
I have already published a paper in the WSEAS Publications before
three months

I wish the best to our Society: WSEAS

have a nice day

Dr abd el karim
From: Prof. Ogun.Dogru
As a member of your excellent organization WSEAS, I wish Happiness,
Health and Peace within the New Year 2007.
Best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Ogun Dogru
Ankara University
Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics
06100 Tandogan, Ankara
From: Prof. Aalok Dubey
Thank you very much for associating me in the WSEAS ECC'07.
Definitely, I will work under your guidance.
Wishing you and your familty a very happy and
prosperous new year.
Dr. Manisha Dubey
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electrical Engg.
From: Shaheera Rashwan
Dear Prof Dr. Charles,
I love the WSEAS because of the high quality papers in their journals
You have strong impact factor in science
WSEAS is a real conference organization which helps science to grow.
Thank you
Dr. Shaheera Rashwan
From: Lazic Ljubomir
It's a pleasure Working with You
May this Christmas bring You
happiness, success, and prosperity
to last all year through
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for the WSEAS
Lazic Ljubomir
(frequent author in WSEAS Conferences)
From: "Victor-Emil Neagoe"
I wish to the WSEAS Society "A Happy New Year 2007!"
Best regards,
Prof. Victor-Emil Neagoe,
Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania
From: Prof. Luige Vladareanu
Thank you for the invitation. We agree that the WSEAS ECC'07 be able to use the
Name and the Logo of the Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy ( ).
As collaborators of the ECC07 we will promote the conference among our colleagues at our Institute,
the Institutes of the Romanian Academy and the numerous universities with which we collaborate.

Best Regards,
Luige Vladareanu

Prof. dr. Luige Vladareanu, PhD Eng
Senior Scientific Researcher of Romanian Academy
International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration Member, Aubun University, USA
National Research Council Member
High Level Expert WG5 ROST 2007-2013

Phone: 0744 75 60 05 Fax: 021- 315 74 78
From: "Dumitru Cazacu"

I have forwarded your message about collaboration on WSEAS ECC'07 to the dean.

Many thanks and best regards for the WSEAS Members
University of Pitesti

From: Prof. Stevan Maksimovic
Dear WSEAS President
I wish to the WSEAS members
good health and luck in the new year 2007.
Prof. Stevan Maksimovic - Belgrade
From: Slaby Antonin

Our impressions from the recent WSEAS Conferences in Tenerife.
> Wonderful conference and venue
> Everything properly organized
> People extremely helpful
> Ther hotel wonderful
> No objections

With a lot of greetings

Antonin Slaby University of Hradec Kralove
Czech republic

From: Prof. A. Varonides
The recent successes of the society are Great news indeed for the WSEAS!
Now it is time to advance the solid state electronics branch of the
otherwise great WSEAS event!!

Happy New Year 2007

See you in Crete

AC Varonides,PhD
Professor of Phyics & Electrical Engineering
University of Scranton
Scranton, PA 18510, USA
Tel:(570) 941-6290
Fax: (570) 941-4085
From: Prof. Naumov

Dear colleagues at WSEAS ! With Christmas and New Year you and the WSEAS Members
happiness and successes (only successes)! All will be good!
Prof. Naumov
From: Manjunath R
How are you?

I Wish to all the WSEAS Staff , WSEAS Faculty Members a happy new year
Hope the New Year would provide an opportunity for me
to work with you closely, sharing my research work.
I'm actively engaged in the research in the field of
Neural networks/Computer communications.
I'll send My recent findings in the next mail.I
believe I'll be able to publish some new papers
in WSEAS conferences and journals

With Best regards,
From: "Dr. Philippe Dondon"
I would like to thanks you a lot and all the WSEAS staff.
The WSEAS Multiconference was really excellent!
I hope you will hear good news from arcachon in term of scientific
contributions. Dimitri and Mata are very professionnal and also friendly.
I give to them for you a special bottle of wine of Bordeaux...
I will be happy to try again an other time here in Bordeaux or in La grande motte....
Thanks again
Dr Philippe Dondon
From: "Dr. Majda Bastic"
I wish you fruitful conference in Trinidad and Tobago
With best regards,
Dr. Majda Bastic
From: "Dr. Klimis Ntalianis"
Please, send me papers for review related to Computational Intelligence
and/or Signal Processing
I advertize the WSEAS inside the National Technical University of Athens as well as
in Demokritos Research Center. All the Scholars of NTUA and Demokritos
believe that thw WSEAS Journals are now very difficult, because very
soon they will be included in ISI.
Thank you very much for the detailed and strict reviews
Best Regards
Dr. Klimis Ntalianis
National Technical University of Athens
Electrical and Computer Engineering School
Iroon Polytechneiou 9,
15773, Zografou, Athens
From: "Prof Dr Hj Kamaruzaman Jusoff"
Dear Nikos,
Thank you for the cc mail to my Faculty colleague Dr. Faridah Hanum Ibrahim.
I hope it works well this time through the direct contact of my Vice Chancellor.
We will organize a WSEAS Conference in Malaysia.
Prof Dr Hj Kamaruzaman Jusoff
From: "Professor Olga Martin"
I hope to attend the WSEAS conferences again with a new paper
that will belong to the proposed topics.
With the Best Wishes,

Prof. Olga Martin
Depart. Mathematics
Technical Univ. of Bucharest,
From: "Dr. Arie Maharshak"

I very much appreciate your update.
I'm sure that WSEAS will grow and prosper.
Looking forward to meet you in one of the upcoming conferences.
Best regards,

Dr. Arie Maharshak
From: Prof. Pelin YILDIZ

I want to inform you about that, after your very kind invitation I have
sent a paper for the WSEAS conference (AUTOMATIC CONTROL, MODELING & SIMULATION) in Istanbul in May.
Thank you very much for this again.

I can do any work that you have required from me both during the conference
and also before the conference too if it is needed.
I mean I can help you in any case you want from me.

Also I have added a link to IARAS in my web page and it will
be in progress soon, in our faculty the web pages are being
renewed these days so it will be added as you have proposed.
I hope to see you at the conference in Istanbul and also
this week I will be in Dallas and I will send you impressions from there.
Yours Sincerely
Pelin Yildiz, PhD.
Hacettepe University
From: George Verros
I am sending you a new proposal
I believe that you must include in the various announcements of the WSEAS
Working Groups, the contents of the reputable WSEAS Journals
In my opinion, this will be the best advertizement for the WSEAS.
Academicians must learn the high quality of the WSEAS Conferences and Journals
From: Professor Tudor Palade
I can help WSEAS in the review process.
Best regards,
Prof. Tudor Palade
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Communications Department
15, C. Daicoviciu St.
400020 Cluj-Napoca
Phone: +40264591280
Fax: +40264592055
From: Prof. Abbasoglou

Thanks for your contributions and everything, also
I would like to thank to Prof. Demiralp.

M. Selen Abbasoglu
Uluslararas? K?br?s Universitesi
Guzel Sanatlar Fakultesi
IcMimarl?k Bolum
Haspolat -Lefkosa
Mersin 10 K?br?s

From: Prof. Anping Xu
Happy New Year to WSEAS
Best regards,
Dr. Anping Xu
Professor of School of Mechanical Engineering
Vice-curator of Library
Hebei University of Technology
Tianjin 300130, P. R. China

Tel: 86-22-60202901(Daytime) 86-22-26564110 (Lab)
Fax: 86-22-26564741
See the total list with your impressions from the WSEAS Conferences and Journals
within 2006:
From: "Adel Awad"
I am very pleased to take the opportunity of the Happy Easter to wish you a good health and permanent success at the personal and professional levels. Please extend same Easter congratulations and compliments to your family and all your working staff in your esteemed WSEAS.
Happy Easter and my best regards aus Lattakia.
Adel Awad
From: "Ali Osman Oncel"
Thanks for your e-mail and selecting my paper for your reputable journal
I would be happy to submit. Also, thanks for providing me a free annual
membership of WSEAS. It is a great honor for me to
have a chance to see a promotion for my paper to be accepted in your reputable
journal. Thanks so much.
Best wishes,
Ali O. Oncel, M.S & PhD
Earth Sciences Department
King-Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
P.O. Box 1946, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Phone: (03) 860-1661
Fax : (03) 860-2595
My home pages:
From: "Camelia Ioana"
Dear WSEAS Staff,
I hope you arrived well home and had a pleasant flight.
Thanks a lot again for all your support in publishing and attending the conference.
Without your help I couldnot have this opportunity.
Next days I will write the report and send also to you, in order to sign for the amount WSEAS sponsored me to present it to my university.
After one week missing from Romania, i am overloaded with jobs.
Have a nice day. Bye
Dr. Camelia Ioana
From: Metin Demiralp
I want to cordially thank you for everything during
the conferences in Istanbul, and espacially for my stu-
dents to whom you gave more enthusiasm.We will be always
ready for future activities as you know.
By the way, I will prepare and send necessary mate-
rials for the plenary lectures I am going to give in
WSEAS Vouliagmeni, Athens, and Cairo at this weekend.
Let us keep in touch for more productive and brill-
iant successes of WSEAS.
With my cordial wishes.
Best Regards. Metin.
Prof. Metin Demiralp
Istanbul Technical University,
From: Prof. Susana Lopez-Querol
I have already received the book + CD of proceedings. Thank you so much.
I am sure you are getting a great success with the current Symposiums. Congratulations for that.
With my best wishes,
Susana Lopez-Querol
Soil Mechanics
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Castilla - La Mancha
Avda. Camilo Jose Cela, s/n
13071 - Ciudad Real (Spain)
Tel.: 0034 926 29 53 00 / ext. 6263
Fax: 0034 926 29 53 91
Congratulations for very good organizing of WSEAS Conference in Slovenia.
I hope you will inform me as soon as I can

Best regards, ISUFI
University of Prishtina
Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science - Department of Geography
Mother Teresa str. Prishtina 10 000, Kosovo
Mobile: +377.44.241-463
From: Professor Milan Stork
Professor Nikos E. Mastorakis and Professor Valeri Mladenov are well known
international specialist in electrical engineering and computation.
I personally known of conference proceedings and books published under editorial of professor Mastorakis. All his publications are high level
Professor Milan Stork
From: Prof. Yu-Chen Chiang

Congratulations on the success of Hangzhou conferences in China. I felt great honor to present my paper and chair a session. Moreover, it was nice to know you at the conference, and thank you for seating me in the banquet. The banquet was great.
Further, hope WSEAS will hold conferences in Taiwan in near future and look forward to seeing you again.
Yu-Chen Chiang
Associate Professor
General Education Center
I-Shou University
1, Section 1, Hsueh-Cheng Road, Ta-Hsu Hsiang,
Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, 84008
Tel: 886-7-6577711 ext.5246
Fax: 886-7-6577056
Mobil: 886-9828-49933
From: "Prof. Olga Martin"
Congratulations again for the high level of the WSEAS Conferences.
I hope that we will see in Athens in August. I will be sure about this, after I will receive the acceptance of the paper uploaded with the number 565-271, “Study of a Loaded Continuous Beam With the Yielding Supports”.
Because the deadline for submitting the papers for the conference in Athens has been prolonged until 31 May, the dean of my faculty, Professor Udriste, and the chief of my department, professor V. Prepelita, will have more time to prepare their works. Their intention is to participate to the conference from August, too.
Anyhow, professor Udriste would like to take part to the European Computing Conference in September.
I thank you very much for the help and wish you a nice week,
My Best Regards,
From: Prof. Ogun Dogru
Many thanks for your kind efforts and contributions.
Notice that you have a closed friend in Ankara.
With my best wishes and kind regards,
Prof. Ogun Dogru
Good morning M. Professor,
In the first time, me, Cristian Moldoveanu and my colleague Pamfil Somoiag
from the Military Technical Academy of Bucharest we want to congratulate you
for the good organization of the Congress on Continuous Mechanics, Portoroz,
Thank you very much for all and I hope in a good cooperation between your
organization (WSEAS) and our university (Military Technical Academy from
Cristian Moldoveanu

I am sending you best wishes Happy Easter 2007

Yours Prof. Zygmunt Szymanski
From: Cristian Moldoveanu
Good morning M. Professor,
In the first time, me, Cristian Moldoveanu and my colleague Pamfil Somoiag from the Military Technical Academy of Bucharest we want to congratulate you for the good organization of the Congress on Continuous Mechanics, Portoroz, Slovenia.
Thank you very much for all and I hope in a good cooperation between your organization (WSEAS) and our university (Military Technical Academy from Bucharest)
Cristian Moldoveanu
From: "wael al-hasawi"
Thank you very much for you help and cooperation and hope to see you in recent WSEAS conferences
Dr. Wael Al-Hasawi
From: Zhengmao Ye
Dear Prof. Polyrakis, Prof. Serifi and Prof. Dondon,
How are you! Thank you for the prompt response!
I appreciate for those help on the VISA INFO (Prof. Serifi) and Location INFO (Prof. Dondon).
Best Wishes and Best Regards!
From: "???"

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help. I wish happiness and luck follow wherever you go!
Best regards
Dr. Li
From: Prof. Yuval Bistritz
Dear Prof. Nikos Mastorakis

I am quite impressed about your WSEAS initiative.
Prof. Yuval Bistritz
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

From: Prof. Valeri Mladenov
Dear Colleagues,
Thank you very much for your e-mail and for the good new. I can say only that I accept
with pleasure to you to participate in the WSEAS again in Malta, September 11-13, 2008.
Best regards,
Prof. Valeri Mladenov
From: Dr. Liana Stanca
I would like to
participate in theWSEAS again.
Best Regards,
Liana Stanca
From: "Juan Pedro"
Dear Madam / Sir:
I am writing you because I would be pleased of participating as
a collaborator in the organizing committee of the WSEAS Multiconference in Tenerife..
My CV is attached. It does not include a picture of me because I haven't got a recent one;
if it's really important for you, I could send a second version
with a picture on it. I hope you don't mind.
Yours, faithfully
Juan Pedro
From: Prof. Adrian-Viorel Coman
I am honored to participate in
these two conferences (HTE'08 and FMA'08) in Rhodes Island of Greece in August of 2008, which I gladly accept.
I will participate in the two conferences personally, but also with a few of my students.
Best regards,
Prof. Adrian-Viorel Coman
Military Technical Academy of Romania
From: Shang-Kuan Chen
Thanks for your invitation. It is my honor to participate in
the WSEAS again in August of 2008

Best regards,

Shang-Kuan Chen
From: "Branislav Radjenovic"

I accept the new Invitation from the WSEAS with great pleasure.
I will participate again.

Best regards,
Branislav Radjenovic
From: Prof. Daneshmand
Thanks for your kind reply and invitation.
I would be glad if I can do anything for those successful conferences.
Best wishes
Prof. Farhang Daneshmand,
From: "Dr. Nowshad Amin"
Hi. I would like to thank you for your great effort for all the
WSEAS conferences in the past and for the future ones.
Let me know if I can assist you somewhere.
Dr. Nowshad Amin
Senior Lecturer,
Dept. of Electrical, Electronic and System Engineering,
National University of Malaysia (UKM),
UKM Bangi 43600
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +603-8921-6325
Fax: +603-8921-6146
From: "Prof. A. Fay"
Thank you for the WSEAS Conferences that you offered
I consider it as a high esteem and will be happy to take part in the work
in 2008
Best regards
Prof. Arpad FAY
From: Prof. M. Isabel Garcia-Planas
Dear Nikos,
Thank you very much. I expect to attend again the WSEAS Conference
in the next summer (2008)
Best regards
Prof. M. Isabel Garcia-Planas
Univ. of Catalunya
From: "Geo"

Thank you for your message and for your invitation. I'll be honored and I
will participate again in the next WSEAS Conferences.

All my best regards

Prof. George Darie
From: "Prof. Jonas Gylys"
With great appreciation I will participate again in
these two WSEAS conferences in Rhodes Island of Greece in
August of 2008.
Sincerely yours
Jonas Gylys
Director of the Energy Technology Institute
at the Kaunas University of Technology
Donelaicio str. 20-212LK, LT 44239 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 37 300444, Fax: +370 37 323768
From: "Professor Petr Ekel"
I accept your kind invitation
for the WSEAS with great gratitude.
(I will participate again)
Thank you very much,
Professor Petr Ekel

From: "Professor Krzysztof Cyran"
I will participate again in the WSEAS Conferences of 2008.
Prof. Krzysztof Cyran
V-ce Head of Institute of Informatics
Silesian University of Technology
Gliwice, Poland
From: "Prof. Branislav Radjenovic"
With great pleasure , I will participate again in the next events
of our society. Please, keep me informed.
Best regards,
Prof. Branislav Radjenovic
From: "PhD Eng. Claudia Cherubini"
I will be glad to take part again in HTE and FMA
congresses in Rhodes in 2008.
PhD Eng. Claudia Cherubini
From: "Prof. Dr. Mircea Boscoianu"
Thak you very much for the message. I will participate at the
Conferences again in 2008. THere are also some collegues very interested to participate,
Prof dr Mircea Boscoianu
From: "Professor Mourad Abdelaziz"

I would like to inform you that I'am very interesting to be in the WSEAS
upcoming conferences.

Best regards

Automatic Laboratoy
Setif University
From: Carlo Casorzo
We really want to present our papers in the WSEAS MACMESE
conference, so we ask you that you extend us the deadline
Thanks a lot for your understanding, and hoping that you can help us.

Best regards,

Carlo Casorzo.

From: Prof. Ataoglu
I will do what I can for the WSEAS Conferences in Malta (2008)
Sincerely yours,

Prof. S. Ataoglu
Istanbul Technical University,
Istanbul, Turkey
From: "Prof. Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem"
I will be glad to participate again in the ECC (European Computing Conference)
organized and sponsored by the WSEAS.
The ECC 2007 was really a great event. Cogratulations to you and
the society WSEAS for successful collaboration with Springer Verlag.
Best Regards,
Prof. Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem

Thanks you very much. I will participate again in the
WSEAS Conferences: Rhodes Island of Greece in August of 2008.

Best Regards
PhD. Eleonora Darie
From: "Hasaan Roosta"
I am going to register another paper for next WSEAS conference in Spain,
Hasaan Roosta
From: "M. Hamada"
Of course I will be glad to join again the conferences
of the WSEAS. I hope I can join these nice events next year (2008)
Best regards,
From: "Prof. Khairur Rijal"
I will participate again in the WSEAS events.
I have visited the web site.
Best Regards,

Prof. Khairur Rijal
From: "Abdelbadeeh Salem"
Dear Colleague,
Thank you very much for these very important Books of WSEAS
Most of the papers are really of high quality!
Best regards.

Abdelbadeeh Salem
WSEAS will publish yours comments of 2007 ( )
and will circulate them in a booklet!