Saturday, May 24, 2008

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We want to share with you the following
Good news of our Society

1) All The recent volumes of WSEAS in 2008 have been included in ISI
(Thomson) Index. WSEAS has just received the Certificate for the Volumes
for the Conferences that WSEAS organized in the University of Harvard (April
2008) (WSEAS Conferences in the University of Harvard).

2) Due to the very high number of WSEAS subscriptions and orders for 2008,
WSEAS is in the very pleaseant position to announce you
that from 15 May 2008, all
the WSEAS BOOKS and WSEAS Journals related with Signal Processing,
Telecommunications, Informatics, Environment, Development are printed
in full color (not gray scale). We hope to have also the Applied Mathematics
WSEAS Conferences in full color (4-colored OFFSET) soon.

3) The Next Conferences of WSEAS in Portugal are under the aegis
and support of the Minister of Science and Technology.
WSEAS wants to inform you that in the opening ceremony will be:
Joao Guerreiro, Rector of the University of Algarve
Emilia Costa, Dean of the Faculty FERN
Thomas Panagopoulos, Local organizer
Isilda Varges Gomes, Governador Civil of the Region
José Apolinário, President of the Municipality of Faro

WSEAS wants to inform you that in the closing ceremony will be:
Joao Guerreiro, Rector of the University of Algarve
Teresa Noronha, CIEO research center leader,
Jamila Madeira, European Deputy
Peter Nijkamp, Free University, Amsterdam

The Political and Academic authorities of the University will address
greetings in the Conferences EEESD and LAA in Portugal

4)The same for the WSEAS Conferences in Sofia (Bulgaria). The academic
authorities were present
See photos:

WSEAS had the honor of having the following academic personalities who
opened the conferences NN'08, FS'08, EC'08, and MMACTEE'08:
Prof. Rumen Pranchov - Vice Rector of Technical University of Sofia.
Prof. Petko Petkov - Corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of
Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov - Dean of Faculty of Automatics.
Prof. Valeri Mladenov - Head of department Theory of Electrical Engineering.

5) WSEAS would like to extend our deadline for our invited speakers

In general, potential WSEAS authors can upload their papers for the WSEAS
Bucharest (Romania) until May 31
and for Trondheim (Norway) and Heraklion (Crete Island, Greece) until June

publications in an ISI
Book (Thomson), CD-ROM Proceedings + Springer Verlag Book (as in
2007), Cambridge Press Book or Journal or University Press Book or
Journal or NAUN Journal or WSEAS Transactions or in ISI Journals of
Taylor & Francis, LLC, EDP Sciences, Hindaawi, World Scientific
Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. and Springer

ATTENTION: **********>
For Crete you can upload your paper(s) until June 15
for this conference:
and you can make registration until June 30.

All submissions will be blind-reviewed by an international programme

The language of the conference will be English and we invite full
research papers as well as industry project reports, work-in-progress
papers, and position papers.

Full details about the conference, including fees, travel,
accommodation, and submission instructions, can be accessed on the
conference Web site or me by email

You are also invited to organize a WSEAS Special Session in the same WSEAS
for example: WSEAS CSCC (Crete)
or in any other WSEAS Event
Also, you must know that successful Session Organizers participate
absolutely free in the WSEAS
conferences and can select the best 3 papers from their Session for WSEAS
More details:

The papers of your WSEAS Special Session can have publication in an ISI
CD-ROM Proceedings + WSEAS Transactions

Note that the WSEAS Transactions are Covered
by EI, SCOPUS, IEE etc... ( see )
See the WSEAS Journals and their impact:
They are Open Access Journals (i.e. the PDF is given free to all the
academic community)
and so it is the ideal forum for you to receive many citation

See also the
ISI Books of WSEAS (ISI of Thomson):

The WSEAS CSCC Multiconference attracts each year the attention of
more than 1000 participants. This year the 12th WSEAS CSCC (i.e.
Circuits-Systems-Communications-Computers 2008) will take place in
Heraklion, the capital of Crete Island (Greece) in July:
The WSEAS CSCC has created a brilliant history and as you can see from the
previous proceedings, it takes papers from famous university teams of
the top research universities (Its Proceedings are published in ISI
Books:, while as previous years the best
papers are published in WSEAS Journals, Springer Verlag Volumes, and
many other indepenent journals.

The Recent Speakers of WSEAS CSCC :
----------------------------------> Lotfi Zadeh, Dimitri Bertsekas,
Sunil Das, Bimal K. Bose, Janusz Kacprzyk, Leonid Kazovsky, Rao
Kamissety, Ronald Yager, Narsingh Deo, Sidney Burrus, Biswa N. Datta,
Mihai Putinar, Stamatios Kartalopoulos, David Staelin, A. Bers,
Athanasios Manikas, Wlodzislaw Duch, George Giannakis, Nikos Markatos,
Wasfy B Mikhael, Valeri Mladenov, Panos Pardalos, George Tsamasphyros,
Tadeusz Kaczorek, Leon Chua, Irwin W. Sandberg, Constantin Udriste,
Andris Buikis, Metin Demiralp , Michael N. Katehakis, Imre J. Rudas,
Brian A. Barsky, Dimitris Kazakos, Alexey L Sadovski, Amedeo
Andreotti, Ion Carstea, Sudip Misra, Victor-Emil Neagoe, Panos M.
Pardalos, Hamid Abachi, Ryszard S. Choras, Hamido Fujita, Josef Boercsoek,
Dumitru Cazacu, Costas G. Helmis, Zhixin Wang, Sankar K. Pal, Ulrich
Albrecht, Jim Cunningham, Dorian Cojocaru,
Andrzej Ordys, Fumiaki Imado, Milan Stork, Remi Leandre, Kleanthis
Psarris, Kinshuk, Moustapha Diaby, Brian McCartin, Patrick Wang,
Costin Cepisca, Charles Long, Gabriela Bognar, Angel Kuri-Morales,
Jiancheng Guan, and many others ....