Friday, May 29, 2015

Several members of WSEAS has received invitation from a new organization in India called WASES: This WASES does not have any relation with the real WSEAS

Several members of WSEAS have recently received invitations from a strange conference organizer in India called WASES. He created a web site that it is a counterfeit imitation of WSEAS
He called it WASES

Especially WSEAS membrs in Romania were victims of WASES and many of them sent me email asking us if this "WASES" has any relation with WSEAS. Maybe WASES is a real and genuine society (no fake and no bogus), and we asked them to change their name.
For several weeks they had a warning in their web site that WASES does not have any relation with ... WSEAS. So, if they want to show that they are a real and genuine academic organization, I believe that they ust change their name.

WSEAS does not have any relation with this society WASES in India and we do not know and we cannot guarantee about these conferences.

This morning, I received also SPAM invitation from an IP in India about Fake diplomas

I do not claim that the advertisement (SPAM) for  Fake Diplomas of the site have any relation with this web site
However both of them use IP addresses from India.

So, they use Spam, they try to cheat our WSEAS members etc...

Please, ignore invitations for fake diplomas and ignore the web site of  WASES:

This WASES does not have any relation with the real WSEAS
We told them to change name in order to avoid to look fake and counterfeit organization.

Many Thanks

Anna Papadimitriou
WSEAS Headquarters

P.S. Pakistan rocked by 'fake degree' scandal
So, you can see several bogus and fake activities in these countries