Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I can not believe it. It is UNBELIEVABLE. Bogus Degrees and the worst is that they cliam and they are proud of being BOGUS

"A Rose Is A Rose"   Bogus Degree. Bogus Professors. Bogus Publications. Bogus Examinations by email.
Bogus Conference. Yes, you have heard well: Bogus Conference, Bogus Conference, Bogus Conference

Bogus Journal. Ouaou!!!!! ==> Bogus Professors and Bogus Diplomas ===> Bogus University Degree


See the following email and you will believe :   They ask money to sell you a bogus conference publication, a bogus CV, a bogus university Ph.D. !!!!!

See the email of these bogus academicians. Be aware of BOGUS PROFESSORS. Alert......

Let's get real...whether you pay $59.95 with us, or $900 with them for a novelty degree, you'll get basically the same thing: a piece of parchment paper with some words usually set in degree-looking typeface, and an embossed gold foil seal or some type of emblem (some businesses charge "extra" for an emblem/embossed foil seal... We Don't!)

Our bogus (novelty) degrees look official and "real" in every sense of the word. When framed and hanging on your wall, your bogus degree WILL fool people! Your bogus degree DOES look cool! Your bogus degree IS fun and entertaining! Again, that's what our customers tell us.  

In addition, the basic format/layout of a degree (genuine or fake) is essentially the same: School name (at top), some wording, the graduate's name/type of degree/field of study (in middle), some more wording, then some scribbled signatures (at bottom). Frequently, there's an emblem/seal somewhere on the document. A rose is a rose is a rose.  

Don't Take Our Word For It

You be the judge and decide! Compare our product (see our product description and view our product samples) with what other sites offer. Compare our price ($59.95) with theirs. After making the comparison and deciding for themselves, our satisfied customers all agree that our high quality novelty "degrees" are an incredible deal!


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