Monday, January 28, 2008

Professor Dr. Akshai Aggarwal

I am pleased to say that my experience with WSEAS has been highly positive. I have also seen many stalwarts like Lotfi Zadeh, Bimal K.
Bose, Rao Kamissety, Ronald Yager, Narsingh Deo at WSEAS conferences. As the Chairman of the WSEAS Grid Computing group, I have found that many eminent persons in the area are members of the group. I have myself reviewed papers for WSEAS and I have seen that the review process is quite fair and thorough. I have also found that the conferences provide a very convivial and friendly environment. As such I would say that the academicians should embrace WSEAS conferences and journals for publishing their research work.

Professor Dr. Akshai Aggarwal
School of Computer Science
University of Windsor

Many Thanks Professor Aggarwal !

Kostas I.

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