Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WSEAS Illusory Bogus Emails from bank Frauders. fraudulent EMAILs. Alert: Phising and Phisers.

SEE THIS EMAIL, and after that read our comments: ALERT: Do not make click on the Link of this fraudulent email.


Κλεισιματος των λογαριασμων και περιοριζοντας την προσβαση στο λογαριασμο
Ο λογαριασμος σας εχει Limited. Εμεις που αναθεωρηθηκε προσφατα στοιχεια της πιστωτικης σας καρτας, και φαινεται οτι χρησιμοποιειτε την ιδια πιστωτικη καρτα για 2 λογαριασμους. Οπως μπορειτε να διαβασετε και μας User Agreement (τμημα 2.13) δημιουργια πολλαπλων λογαριασμων ειναι αυστηρα απαγορευμενη. Ειστε τωρα καλειται να παρασχει πληροφοριες σχετικα με το λογαριασμο σας. CitiBank θα διερευνησει το θεμα γρηγορα και αν η ερευνα ειναι υπερ σας, θα αποκαταστησει το λογαριασμο σας.


Καντε κλικ εδω για να επαναφερετε το λογαριασμο σας



Αυτο ειναι ενα μηνυμα που δημιουργουνται


Όροι και επισημάνσεις
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Dear WSEAS Members

Attention to the following Bogus Email.
I received this Bogus Email today it seems that it is from the CITYBANK (Greece).
I do not have any account in that Bank.
Look they claim that my account will be inactivated and they call me to click on their Link.
However, their link does not go to the CITYBANK of GREECE, but to a phising Site.

Their email had my name: NIKOS MASTORAKIS and my email address mastor (at) wseas.org

It is bogus email from a phising company (phishers). Do not make click to this bogus links.
An advice: NEVER, CLICK on a Link of an email like this. You know the WEB ADDRESS of your bank and you must
visit it. YOUR BANK WILL NEVER SEND YOU fraudulent EMAILs.

Also, we a  grammatical error in Greek Language. So may be this email is also an automatic translation via a Robot to several languages.
WSEAS Groups must post it in several places on the net, for example
http://groups.google.com/group/wseas  as well as

http://spoudastes.blogspot.com/ ,   http://wseas2007.wordpress.com/   ,   http://harvardconferences.blogspot.com , also here :   http://harvardconferences.blogspot.com/2008/01/dear-wseas-conference-organizers.html

and here: http://wseas2007.wordpress.com/2008/01/ http://www.wseas.us/junk-management-waste-management-new-wseas-conference-in-Crete.htm  , http://spoudastes.blogspot.com/2008/01/wseas-students-against-global-warming.html

http://groups.google.com/group/wseas/browse_thread/thread/4bfcbd1215b8de74 , http://harvardconferences.blogspot.com/2008/01/dear-wseas-conference-organizers.html  ,

http://harvardconferences.blogspot.com/2008/01/spammers-adding-text-from-books-to.html  , http://groups.google.com/group/tellyouropinion

Best Regards. Be careful from illusory emails.

Prof. Nikos Mastorakis
Former WSEAS President:

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