Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Unbelievable, dear WSEAS, some frauders try to predic when the Archbishop will died
and they give as prize PS3!

This is their Junk Web pages:
like: http://www.sync.gr/prezatv

It is a a great FAKE and great JUNK

Be aware of this Bogus

This is a Scam, it is a great SCAM

It is a Scandal and I cannot find how there are human kinds, dear WSEAS Members, to love some person to be dead

be aware of this http://www.sync.gr/prezatv
and do not forget our BELOVED ARCHIBISHOP: His is giving the great battle with the Death.


Why these people remain anonymous : http://www.sync.gr/prezatv
We love and we believe to  Christodoulos

How they can organize a competition
about the TIME of Christodoulos' death ??!!
They are giving as a  prize a PS3!
This is a FAKE. This is JUNK Internet you know.

WSEAS Members & WSEAS Members, be away from this Junk.

WSEAS honors the religions of all people, of all nations, ...
We make research, papers, books , conferences.

The Impact of WSEAS is important. But the Junk Web pages about our "Great , Blessed and Beloved ArchiBishop Christodoulos" is only Junk
It is a Shame for the Human Kind

Many Thanks for hosting these comments in your block

Bessy J.

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TIM said...

Yes, it is a shame that people are marketing the Archbishop's death as some sort of lottery.
That said, the Archbishop has been a very divisive person, and my own experience of him was deeply negative. I approached him for help when a Turkish Christian was tortured by the Greek Coastguard for no other apparent reason than that he was turkish. The archbishop did nothing, and even when this man's assailants were proved guilty in court, the Archbishop remained silent. Indeed on the day I approached the Archbishop he made his famous announcement that "All Turks are Barbarians" which I took to be his response.
While I do not therefore approve of a lottery speculating about the death of his Beatitude, I hope his successor will be less enmeshed in Nationalist politics and try and remember that the Greek Orthodox Church also embraces members who are not ethnically Greek and have no intention of espousing Nationalist agenda. I am one of these. To his credit, however, when I suggested he institute a central Athens Liturgy in English or French, he gave up his own Chapel to do precisely this.
I hope the death of Christodoulos brings the Church to its senses, and allows clerics in Greece to reflect on the sorry events of his life - his involvement with the Junta, his campaign for ID cards, his hijacking of the media for all manner of ridiculous causes which brought shame on his office and compromised his authority. It is now time to campaign for the absolute separation of Church and State.

I have also said elsewhere that now the Archbishop is dying and in clear pain, he at last is in a position to share in the pain of those who were tortured by uniformed officers of the Greek State. One of those victims - one of the so-called Turkish Barbarians, wrote "we pray for the Archbishop in his pain, as he shares with us that pain. We pray that God in his Mercy will look kindly on the failings in his life and receive him into Paradise. This is a man who is a victim of culture and History. He needs our sympathy not our condemnation. NECATI"