Saturday, February 2, 2008

REPORT of A BOGUS EMAIL. SCAM EMAIL. A New Bogus Email has been sent to WSEAS Groups. Be careful, dear WSEAS people. It is a bogus

After the successful WSEAS Conference in Venice (Italy), where a
special session of the
WSEAS Conference INTERNET SECURITY was dedicated in the so-called
Bogus Internet Advertizement, we would like to inform all the WSEAS
Members that the Bogus Emails (or Internet SCAM seems to be a real
threat for our Web Forum). Everyday the WSEAS Conference Chairmen, the
WSEAS Conference organizers as well as the local WSEAS Chapters'
Leaders inform me about Bogus Emails that advertize Bogus Lotteries,
Bogus Real Estate, Bogus Medicine Therapy, Bogus Auctions, Bogus TV
Channels or even Bogus Equipment for our household ....
It seems that the race of Bogus People and internet bogusity cannot be
tackled with any filter or any computer program. Maybe, in some
upcoming WSEAS conference, we can discuss how this scam (internet
fraud) achieves and penetrate in our WSEAS network. How these bogus
messages can cheat every intelligent filter and finally how these
rip-off internet junk
can disturb the WSEAS Members and Friends.
We have told you previously for the anonymous person that had sent
thousand of bogus emails claiming that he had your credit card.

Now, we have again a new bogus situation.
Look, dear WSEAS members and WSEAS reviewers the following email:
It is supposed that it was sent by Professor Anninos of Medicine
School of the University of Thrace, Greece, (WSEAS Fellow). Of course,
Professor Anninos had NEVER sent such kind of messages. However, the
bogus internet person, uses his name and his email. It is a SCAM
without any discussion. Of course, they say in the body of their email
that you should contact someone else. Look this email. Whatever is
between ** and ** is OUR COMMENTS:
Enjoy this Fake Email (if we can say "enjoy" of course)

Contact Nationale Postcode Loterij **scam**

Attn: Winner

We bring to your
notice the winning letter from Nationale Postcode Loterij {Netherlands
Promotion Company} held on the 30th of January, 2008 through Internet **scam**
ballot System among 10,000 Microsoft users.Subsequently, your email **scam**
address attached to ticket number won contract sum of **scam**
800,000.00 euros,winning number 100364,ref number 00786,batch number **scam**
3031228077008.We request you to pay serious attention to this **scam**
notification by contacting the claims department with claim
information **bogus**
and procedures of claim.**bogus**

THE (SILVER TRUST B.V) **bogus**
Contact Person: DR. **bogus**
KENT VAN HOUT **bogus**
Claims Processing Manager **bogus**
Tel: +31-634-245-333 **bogus**
Fax: +31- **bogus**
626-403-127 **bogus**
Email: ** Not to Anninos of course **
Email:** Not to Anninos of course **

Congratulations once again from all our staff and **bogus**
thanking you **bogus**
for being part of our promotions program. **bogus**

Yours Sincerely, **bogus**
Mrs. **bogus**
Proloco Eboli **bogus** **bogus** **bogus** **bogus** **bogus** **bogus**
Nationale Postcode Loterij **bogus** **bogus** **bogus** **bogus**
**bogus** **bogus**


After the Impressive Results for the WSEAS Journals (see SJR factors
below), we have started now
the FREE and OPEN Publication of the PDF of the accepted papers on the

Free for all the Scientists to Publish & Free to Download everything!

So, our authors will be able to receive more citations.
This is necessary for the WSEAS impact, since now all the PDFs will be
open for all and we must
be competitive regarding the scientific quality.

The main criterion for publication is: Scientific Quality: Original
Work, Breakthrough Publications that
will bring CITATIONS to the Authors and to the WSEAS of course.

Example of OPEN PDFs

Simultaneously, the Journals will be published in HARD COPY. If
somebody needs the hard copy, he will pay
the cost.

* Unfortunately for the old issues we cannot open their PDFs because
we have some constraints
from the subscribers.

On the other hand, WSEAS puts the bar for acceptance extremely high.
We have given instructions to the Reviewers.

Our Statistics for the WSEAS Journals say that for every 10 papers, 1
is accepted and 9 is rejected, approximately. We are waiting the
review of extended papers from July 2007 - December 2007 to announce
the official statistics per journal. Up to now, the rejection rate is
approximately: 10% accepted, 90% rejected
(For Conferences: See for each conference the link:

Please, forward this message to your colleagues.


SJR factors for 6 WSEAS Journals

WSEAS Transactions on Computers: 0,038 (SJR 2006)
WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications: 0,039 (SJR
WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems: 0,039 (SJR 2006)
WSEAS Transactions on Communications: 0,039 (SJR 2006)
WSEAS Transactions on Electronics: 0,038 (SJR 2006)
WSEAS Transactions on Systems: 0,038 (SJR 2006)
WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics: 0,039 (SJR 2006)

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Wiley: 0,076 (SJR 2006)
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation: 0,140 (SJR 2006)
IEEE Transactions on Communications: 0,093 (SJR 2006)
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion: 0,076 (SJR 2006)
IEEE Transactions on Education: 0,051 (SJR 2006)
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics: 0,049 (SJR 2006)
IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing: 0,000
(SJR 2006)


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