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WSEAS in Wikipedia

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Nikos E. Mastorakis
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Nikos E. Mastorakis is Professor in the Military Institutes of University Education (ASEI), Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece.

He is also the founder and the first president of the WSEAS,

Dr. Mastorakis who has published over than 300 papers in WSEAS,IEEE,IASME,NAUN etc..., was the chairman in many WSEAS Conferences, editor in many WSEAS Books and editor-in-chief in several WSEAS journals.

Some of his major contributions in the science of Systems Theory is the Factorization of Multidimensional Polynomials (see 1.-18. in, Stability of Multidimensional Systems (see 25,27,29,30,38,47,53 in )and Artificial Intelligence applications in multidimensional systems (published in WSEAS & IEEE Journals)

Dr. Mastorakis organizes many WSEAS Conferences each year, he is the Publishing Manager in more than 15 WSEAS International journals. Nikos Mastorakis was Visiting Professor in the University of Exeter (UK), University of Sofia (Bulgaria) while he has served as Special Session Chairman in many WSEAS IEEE, IMACS conferences.

Together with Prof. Politis, developed various Hardware and Software Implementations of Byzantine Music (published in Advances in Physics, Electronics and Signal Processing Applications, WSEAS Press)

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Approximately each year about 3000 academicians attend the WSEAS Conferences and more than 3000 papers are published by WSEAS each year out of more than 10000 submitted papers. While from 10000 papers in WSEAS Conferences, approximately 4000 are approved and from them around 3000 thousand make registration and attend the congresses.

Indexing of the WSEAS by Important Citation Indices
WSEAS Conferences
As one can check the Abstracting/Indexing Status of WSEAS Books, WSEAS Journals and WSEAS Conference Proceedings is important. All the papers in the WSEAS Books and Journals are refereed papers by 3 international reviewers. The List of the Reviewers exist in all the WSEAS Books (Hard-Copy or CD-ROM) as well as Journals. The WSEAS Administration would like to extend a special thanks to its Reviewers, Organizers of Conferences, Organizers of Special Sessions, Guest Editors, International Scientific Committees, Chairmen of Local Chapters, Faculty Members and Students that have published papers in WSEAS Books (Conference Proceedings - Digests of Papers - Research Monographies) and Journals.
Please, Marios, see some pictures in the WSEAS Site from: Prof. Leon Chua (Life Fellow of IEEE), WSEAS Speaker in the WSEAS Conference in Archachon, Nov.2007
Prof. Biswa N. Datta (Life Fellow of IEEE), WSEAS Speaker in the WSEAS Conference in Tenerife, Dec.2007
Prof. M.Ueda and M.Katehakis graduated from the same University in USA, met each other after more than 30 years in the WSEAS Conference in Tenerife, Dec.2007
Prof. Irwin Sandberg (Fellow IEEE). More than 10 times participant in the WSEAS Event Examples: * *

Prof. A.Manikas (Imperial College, UK). See

Prof. P.Pardalos (IEEE Fellow). See

Prof. T.Kaczorek (IEEE Fellow). See

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