Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Download now the Plenary Speech of Professor Zadeh in the WSEAS
Congress and save it in your PCs
exactly as Prof. Zadeh sent it to the WSEAS Secretariat

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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Fwd: Fwd: You said: "The WSEAS Journals is of extreme difficulty of having a paper published" 48% in our statistics (January 2008)

You said:    "The WSEAS Journals is of extreme difficulty of having a paper published"  48% in our statistics (January 2008)


We have just received the Plenary Lecture of Professor Lotfi Zadeh in Power Point and we are posting it now in WSEAS official site
Also, the Plenary Speech of Prof. Bose (Life Fellow IEEE) from the previous WSEAS Conference is on-line:

Please, check

********************************* This is the Email of Prof. Zadeh ********************************************************

For your information, attached is the file of the powerpoint presentation of my lecture. Please note that in the course of presentation I will skip some of the viewgraphs in order to fit the time which will be available for presentation.

       With my warm regards,


                Lotfi Zadeh
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Professor in the Graduate School
Director, Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)

729 Soda Hall #1776
Computer Science Division
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
zadeh ( AT )
Tel.(office): (510) 642-4959
Fax (office): (510) 642-1712
Tel.(home): (510) 526-2569
Fax (home): (510) 526-2433

Download our WSEAS Programs now:

EE 2008




------- WSEAS STATISTICS for 2007 ----------

#### Several participants asked us everyday if we give some extension
in the deadlines of the Conferences at Cambridge (UK) and Cambridge
(USA). At the moment, they can visit the web site. ####

------- WSEAS STATISTICS for 2007 ---------- 

NUMBER OF OUR PARTICIPANTS: 3000 academicians attend every year the
WSEAS Conferences and more than 3000 papers are published by WSEAS
each year out of more than 10000 submitted papers. Actually, from
10000 papers in WSEAS Conferences, approximately 4000 are approved and
from them around 3000 thousand make registration and attend the
We have here the relevant records.

more than 40000 Visits per month is OPEN for all our members and we
allow the scanning from the search engines (google, etc....)

A BALLOT: Vote now for the WSEAS Conferences and vote for the WSEAS
Journals via the Web (IP recognition and cookies enabled). Your

You must read the real comments with their names and with their emails

RECENT SPEAKERS: Lotfi Zadeh, Dimitri Bertsekas, Sunil Das, Bimal K.
Bose, Janusz Kacprzyk, Leonid Kazovsky, Rao Kamissety, Ronald Yager,
Narsingh Deo, Sidney Burrus, Biswa N. Datta, Mihai Putinar, Stamatios
Kartalopoulos, David Staelin, A. Bers, Athanasios Manikas, Wlodzislaw
Duch, George Giannakis, Nikos Markatos, Wasfy B Mikhael, Valeri
Mladenov, Panos Pardalos, George Tsamasphyros, Tadeusz Kaczorek, Leon
Chua, Irwin W. Sandberg, Constantin Udriste, Andris Buikis ,Metin
Demiralp , Michael N. Katehakis, Imre J. Rudas, Brian A. Barsky,
Dimitris Kazakos, Alexey L Sadovski, Amedeo Andreotti, Ion Carstea,
Sudip Misra, Victor-Emil Neagoe, Panos M. Pardalos, Hamid Abachi,
Ryszard S. Choras, Hamido Fujita, Miroslav Begovic, Josef Boercsoek,
Dumitru Cazacu, Costas G. Helmis, Zhixin Wang, Sankar K. Pal, Ulrich
Albrecht, Jim Cunningham, Dorian Cojocaru, Andrzej Ordys, Fumiaki
Imado, Milan Stork, Remi Leandre, Kleanthis Psarris, Kinshuk,
Moustapha Diaby, Brian McCartin, Patrick Wang, Costin Cepisca, Charles
Long, Gabriela Bognar, Angel Kuri-Morales, Jiancheng Guan, and many
others ....


WSEAS has already ensured the inclusion of all the volumes of the
Proceedings in all the collaborating WSEAS Citation Indices, like ISI,
INSPEC (IEE), Engineering Information (EI), SCOPUS, Elsevier and the
various Elsevier Bibliographic Databases, CSA (Cambridge Scientific
Mathematical Society), MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS of AMS (American
Mathematical Society), DPP (Directory of Published Proceedings),
Computer Science Bibliography Administrator, American Chemical
Society, DEST, EBSCO etc.....
For example, the IEE (now it is called IET) has in its citation index
(INSPEC) more than 7000 papers from WSEAS, only for the last 3 years.
Visit, now:


TYPICAL EXAMPLE: The WSEAS Conference in the University of Cambridge
(February 2008) has already received more than 800 papers. From these
papers, after a strict review we have selected 377 for the

You can find the reviewers that WSEAS uses at the page
Example: or via the official web page of WSEAS.

1) A very strong and important feature is that the WSEAS will give to
the partipants a new username and password WITHOUT EXPIRY DATE for on-
line access in the WSEAS Conference proceedings FOR EVER.

2) Several University Faculty Members and Senior Researchers that will
be with us in the Conference create groups and committees for the
other WSEAS events

3) Rich cultural and social part as usual.
The importance of these conferences can be also proved by the impact
of these conferences in 2007 and 2008: See, please

4) The conference Books and Conference CD-ROM published by WSEAS Press
continue to sell for a long time after the meeting has taken place.
This is another demonstration of the prestige the scientific community
attribute to the meetings organised by the WSEAS.R FEATURES:

In the WSEAS Conferences the accepted papers are published
(1) Books (All these books participate in ISI, IEE, ELSEVIER, SCOPUS
etc..., see the list in above) with ISBN and ISSN

(2) CD-ROM Proceedings with page numbering as the books with ISBN and

(3) E-Library (Web Publishing):
with Free Access for many collaborating Universities (some of them
are among the 50 first universities on the world) and Free access
to all the WSEAS members and friends

****(4) Extended versions of accepted papers after further additional
strict review can be published in a WSEAS Journals
(The WSEAS Journals participate in the most important citation indices like Elsevier, Scopus, EI, Compendex,
INSPEC, CSA .... see: )
See also:

Another email: strange & bogus : WSEAS Conference Organizers and WSEAS attendees
must be careful./

Some bad emails were sent to WSEAS conferences listserv and WSEAS chairmen
about how to organize a fraud via the web.
Some of these emails had the email address:
These emails were not sent by any WSEAS or Springer verlag entity

They offer free books (quite bogus and quite stupid), but they ask your credit card
Do not give any credit card to those criminals.

Searching the web, some WSEAS students discovered that these people has also some
fake web pages, cheating and imitating serious organizations and serious publishing house.

Apparantely, they are pro-scam bogus people.
Are they university professors in some bogus university???
Who knows/

WSEAS members and WSEAS friends must delete these junk emails from their computers.
Neither Springer Verlaf nor WSEAS have email like:
So, please, WSEAS people do not give any credit card to these bogus people (bogus academicians actually)

they are common criminals (academic criminals), artists of Scam, artist of Bogusity

We have heard that they circulated also another email claiming to be from the bogus email address:
WSEAS does not have any kind of this email.
These emails came from USA and WSEAS has their IP address.

It is the absolute scam and the absolute bogusity.

If you have some other information for those junk people and for their garbage emails, do not hesitate to inform the WSEAS blog
You can comment it as anonymous commento. However, the anonymousity on the internet implies bogousity, academical criminality
and unethic war (super scam).

bogus conferences, bad conferences.
WSEAS, of course, has nothing to do with their bogus conferences.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
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 crappy papers . What is it a crappy paper, of course a bogus paper.
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Go to any Western Union Money Transfer and claim the money with the following informations:   
*** MTCN(Control Number): 2021646747  (bogus of course, crappy of course)
(this emails was not sent from WSEAS
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For confirmation of your personal data information, please contact our attorney/legal advicer via email or tel/fax:  
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Comments: It is really funny.
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