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ALERT: Bogus Conference Organizers (Bogus emails, Spam, bogus Professors) Bogus Conferences. Bogus Conference

Bogus Conference Organizers (bogus Professors organize Bogus Conferences)

Looking over the Internet we discovered this story: Really very interestingSo, the Universities that organize WSEAS Conferences must be very careful in the reviewAfter this mistake of IEEE, we must be carefulAlso, we found via Wikipedia this: is a collection for many bogus conferences (outside the WSEAS).WSEAS is very proud that we have a very strict review process.So, I copy from WIKIPEDIA this TEXT

In 2008 and 2009, several computer generated (gibberish) conference articles, with fictitious authors, appeared in IEEE Xplore Data Base coming from many IEEE Sponsored events. Other poor quality conference articles have also, occasionally, appeared in IEEE Confererences and consequently in IEEE Xplore. The IEEE itself accepted (see )that such articles hurt the reputation of IEEE and destroyed confidence in the quality of IEEE publications. IEEE tried to find solutions against this vulnerability but in vain, because many more bogus papers appeared in the next months (see and )

List of works with noticeable acceptance

Rob Thomas: Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy, 2005 for WMSCI (see above)

Mathias Uslar's paper was accepted to the IPSI-BG conference[4].

Professor Genco Gülan published a paper in the 3rd International Symposium of Interactive Media Design[5].

Students at Iran's Sharif University of Technology published a paper in the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation (which is published by Elsevier)[6]. The students wrote under the false, non-Persian surname, MosallahNejad, which translates literally as: "from an Armed Breed". The paper was subsequently removed when the publishers were informed that it was a joke paper[7].

Conferences of Wessex Institute of Technology [8].
It seems also that the IEEE IARIA Conference accepted another bogus paper:

A paper titled "Towards the Simulation of E-Commerce" by Herbert Schlangemann got accepted as a reviewed paper at the "International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering" (CSSE) and was briefly in the IEEE Xplore Database [9].

The author is named after the Swedish short film Der Schlangemann.

Furthermore the author was invited to be a session chair during the conference[10].

Read the official Herbert Schlangemann Blog for details[11].

The official review comment: "This paper presents cooperative technology and classical Communication. In conclusion, the result shows that though the much-touted amphibious algorithm for the refinement of randomized algorithms is impossible, the well-known client-server algorithm for the analysis of voice-over- IP by Kumar and Raman runs in _(n) time. The authors can clearly identify important features of visualization of DHTs and analyze them insightfully. It is recommended that the authors should develop ideas more cogently, organizes them more logically, and connects them with clear transitions"

In 2009, the same incident happened and Herbert Schlangemann's latest fake paper "PlusPug: A Methodology for the Improvement of Local-Area Networks" has been accepted for oral presentation at another international computer science conference [12].

Recently, Denis Baggi, Chairman, IEEE CS confessed, according to a comment on the Schlangemann Blog, that "Selection criteria such a refereeing etc. are meaningless", probably means that IEEE has accepted the unreliability and bogosity of its conferences. Denis Baggi also adds: "Articles should be written only if someone has something to tell others, in which case the validity of the paper is obvious",

A letter from Evan M. Butterfield (IEEE)
A letter from Evan M. Butterfield (Director of Products & Services, IEEE Computer Society10662 Los Vaqueros Circle, Los Alamitos, CA 90720714.816.2165) informed in Jan 17, 2009 the following:
The IEEE Computer Society (CS) has evidence that multiple (IEEE) conferences are receiving machine-generated papers. In two cases, conferences have actually accepted an obviously fraudulent submission. This is a serious issue that threatens the credibility of your conference, the quality of the digital library, and the reputation of both the IEEE and CS. It requires your immediate attention. Please take this opportunity to ensure that your peer review processes are being followed, and adapt to any new requirements that may be communicated by the IEEE or the Computer Society. No conference published by CPS should rely on an abstract review. It is very important that you review carefully the full text of all papers submitted to your conference. If you have already accepted papers, your program committee should review the full text again. While CPS staff will be conducting random spot-checks of conference papers in the publishing queue, we are relying on you to authenticate the content of your proceedings. Any papers that were not actually presented at your conference need to be brought to our attention, and should receive close review. In known cases, the machine-generated origin is obvious from a reading of the first few paragraphs of the paper; the abstracts are human-generated and do not indicate the quality of the paper itself. In the past, papers have been submitted by “Herbert Schlangemann,” but be mindful that the perpetrator of this fraud will change the approach over time. In the event you discover any evidence of questionable content or behavior, please communicate that to us immediately along with an action plan for addressing the problem. Thank you for your help in maintaining the quality of our products. See:

Criticism concerning publishers
Recently, many fake papers appeared in several IEEE conferences, because the IEEE grants its name and its logo to many local organizers who supposedly do not conduct a thorough review process. It is being argued that such conferences only exist to make money out of researchers that are looking for a simple way to publish their work, in particular publishers like IARIA,, HIGHSCI and SRP appear questionable. As seen from their web sites, IARIA, HIGHSCI and SRP use the name of IEEE and the IEEE publishing services, thus attracting numerous papers. Some people to test some conference go further and sent the paper "A Statistical Method For Women That Can Help Our Sexual Education" in the IEEE Conference organized by IARIA. This paper received automatic acceptance within a few hours with simultaneous "command" of direct payment. Unfortunately this paper was not published because the authors did not pay the registration fee. However the letter of acceptance is published on the web and anybody can check it:,

Other protest blogs are:

Official Protests[13].

Bogus Conferences [14].


"Another Letter of acceptance in an IEEE Conference"[16].

Anti-Plagiarism Web Log[17].

"How can someone trust IEEE?"[18].

"Open Letter"[19].

"A letter from Evan M. Butterfield (IEEE) "[20].

See also
Free software portal
Sokal affair
Turing test

In September 2008 the Journal for Scientific Publications of Aspirants and Doctoral Candidates published machine translation (with some human intervention) of Rooter into Russian, undersigned by a certain "Mikhail Zhukov" (a feigned name, used by journalists from Troitsky variant newspaper, who wanted to demonstrate low quality of scientific publications and peer review process in Russia). Rooter got good-to-excellent comments from the peer, praising high practical applicability of the matter researched and the novelty of the material; the only negative comment was given in regard of the style, which was claimed to be more appropriate for a newspaper than for a scientific journal. After the "author" corrected stylistic drawbacks, the article was accepted for publication.

Following the publication and consequent scandal, the presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia struck the Journal for Scientific Publications of Aspirants and Doctoral Candidates from the official list of journals authorized to publish research materials of aspirants and doctoral candidates.

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Alert again a bogus email
Alert again a bogus email
Alert again a bogus email
From JUNK people
From JUNK people

From JUNK people

COTE D'IVOIRE. (bogus)


Dear Guardian, (bogus)

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Hopefully to hear from you ASAP?

Best Regards,

Your respectful one,


All the recent WSEAS Books (hard-copy of the Proceedings)
have been selected as Books for Abstracting and Indexing by ISI (Thomson).

The IEE (IET) has in its citation index (INSPEC)
more than 7000 papers from WSEAS, only for the last 3 years.

In WSEAS Conferences, the accepted papers are published in:

(1) Books (All these books participate in ISI, IEE, ELSEVIER, SCOPUS etc...)

(2) CD-ROM Proceedings

(3) Web Publishing:

(4) Extended versions of the best papers (after further review) in a Journal
(participate in the most important
citation indices


We thank you very much for your support that makes the WSEAS greater and

The Organizers of the 12th WSEAS CSCC Multiconference. Heraklion, Crete
Island, Greece, July 22-25, 2008

are soliciting proposal for Special Sessions and Workshops

(the organizer of the session must be at least: Ph.D. holder and the

organizer of a Workshop must be Faculty Member in a well-known laboratory)

We remind that the CSCC multiconference (>1000 papers every year)

is the flagship of the WSEAS. It is our central conference

where all the members, editors of WSEAS Journals etc..., presidents

of the local chapters etc... are gathered each year

The 12th WSEAS CSCC Multiconference will take place in

Heraklion, Crete Island (Greece) July 22-25, 2008

Each proposal will be evaluated by 3 independent reviewers.

The Session will appear on the web only when the organisers

have received at least 5 papers.

Special Session organizers participate free in the conference,

as well as, as they will be in collaboration with the Editors of the

More Details:

Open the file: , fill in

and return your proposal to us.

Many successfull WSEAS Conferences started in the beginning as

Special Sessions or Workshops in some previous WSEAS conference.

In CSCC, the accepted papers will be published (as in the previous years)

(1) Books (All these Books participate in ISI, IEE, ELSEVIER, SCOPUS etc...)

and your publication is considered as publication in an ISI Book)

(2) CD-ROM Proceedings

(3) Web Publishing:

* Extended versions of the best papers (after further review) in a Journal
(participate in the most important citation indices

WSEAS offers the knowledge to all the Scientific and Engineering

Community with full Access in the WSEAS on-line E- Libray and without

Sincerely Yours

Prof. Nikos E. Mastorakis

Executive Director of the WSEAS

University URL:


Institutional URL:


Professor Charles A. Long

President of the WSEAS

Professor Emeritus

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point,

Stevens Point, Wisconsin 564481

president (at)





All the recent WSEAS Books (hard-copy of the Proceedings)

have been selected as Books for Abstracting and Indexing by ISI (Thomson).




The IEE (IET) has in its citation index (INSPEC)

more than 7000 papers from WSEAS, only for the last 3 years.


Also, visit:

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